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  • Teresa Hemphill
    We had an excellent experience finishing our basement with Shlomi and Bella Basements! Shlomi utilized teams of master craftsmen to take our dusty, cold, exposed wood studs and concrete floor and transform it into a warm, inviting, beautiful series of spaces for us, our teenagers and guests to enjoy. We now have a beautiful masonry fireplace, bar and gathering area, movie room, gym with full bath, as well as a powder room off the landing for guests. Shlomi operates with such attention to detail and such an efficient schedule, our whole project took roughly two months to complete. Shlomi’s commitment to communication was also so excellent; now that our project is over we all miss our daily updates from him! This space will be such a blessing to our family and we are grateful for Bella Basements’ masterful work to transform it!
    Teresa Hemphill
  • Lyndsay Langston
    Wow!! I am not sure where to start with our amazing review of Bella Basements. 8 years ago they renovated our basement and we were thrilled with the results. This fall we decided to renovate our back porch and master bedroom, bath and closet and contacted Shlomi to see if they would be interested in our project. He responded right away with pictures of projects he had recently completed and got us on is schedule within a few short weeks. They started on the scheduled date and completed the project earlier than planned and on budget! The owner, Shlomi was on site daily and provided us updates daily on the progress. The crew was top notch, and while living through a renovation is challenging, the crew was respectful of our living area and always left the work site spotless!!! We asked Shlomi for help with selecting materials, and he met us at the tile store and cabinet store to help us with the design phase. He kept the process fun and eliminated the overwhelming feeling that can happen at those stores. The results of the renovation are nothing short of stunning!! Our bedroom, bathroom and closet are beautiful. I have almost forgotten what an ugly space we had before! We feel like we are at a luxury resort when we are in our master bathroom! Our back porch is also amazing. It was built with such care and attention to detail, that the county inspector was stunned with all of the safety features that were added. Shlomi went above and beyond in every aspect and we will certainly be using Bella Basements for all of our remodeling needs.
    Lyndsay Langston
  • Pete and Sammi Butty
    Bella Basements just finished our basement (over 3,000 sq ft) in a record 7 weeks, and we love the new space!!!  We can’t stop walking around admiring it!  The craftsmanship and attention to detail - from framing to finishing - are top-notch!  Even the storm room (the wife’s must-have) got the white-glove treatment.  Shlomi and his crews take immense pride in their work, and it shows not only in the construction itself but also in the way that they treated our home during the project. Every day, as we’d marvel at the progress being made, we were also amazed at how clean the basement was.  At the end of each day, everything was organized for the next day’s activity and trash was in bins.  At the end of the project, the concrete basement floor was mopped twice before installing the flooring!  That’s just one example of the awesome work ethic and caring shown by Bella Basements. We received frequent updates from Shlomi (either by text or in person), so we always knew what was currently happening and what was coming next.  He was onsite daily, checking in with us to answer questions, make sure we didn’t have any concerns, and to lend a hand to the crew if they needed anything.  Whenever we had a question, Shlomi got back to us right away.  Working with Bella Basements was an amazing experience. We highly recommend them! Our basement is absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to enjoy the space with friends and family.  When it’s time for our upstairs refresh, you better believe we will be calling Shlomi!
    Pete and Sammi Butty
  • Liz and Sean Daly
    I reached out to Shlomi for our basement renovation on recommendation from my best friend, who has worked with him on a number of projects over the years. He called me right away (even though he was out of the country for his daughter’s wedding!) It was my first indication that Shlomi is passionate about what he does and takes his business very seriously. Our basement was completely unfinished and my husband and I some ideas of what we wanted, but were really looking to Shlomi to help us figure out a design that made sense. He took our ideas and designed a space that was more than we ever could have imagined. What sets Shlomi apart from most GCs is that he not only has the industry expertise and eye for design, he truly knows how to run a business. From start to finish, our basement was done in ~6 weeks. We were anticipating it would take 6 months! Shlomi coordinated a detailed schedule that allowed the work to be completed efficiently and on-track. There wasn’t one day of “down time”. Shlomi personally showed up each day to check progress and meet with the team to ensure our vision was executed appropriately. Shlomi has a great team of sub-contractors who have worked with him for years and are very loyal to him. Between their skill and craftsmanship and Shlomi’s attention to detail and organization of all the moving parts, the finished product is nothing short of spectacular. Shlomi told us from the beginning that when he was done, this would not be a basement but a true terrace level – and he was right. We couldn’t be happier with the work and would highly recommend Bella Basements to anyone!
    Liz and Sean Daly
  • Nina and Nicholas Gilmore
    I honestly can't believe the transformation that happened in such a short period of time! 5.5 weeks after meeting with Shlomi and our basement is complete, and we absolutely love it! One of the things that I loved about this process was that the expectations were set from day one and usually once a project gets started is when you find out if what was said is true and Shlomi and his amazing crew exceeded our expectations. Shlomi is very thorough, very organized, and communicates with you every day. Every aspect of what he plans to complete is documented in detail. He was always on site as well. What also amazed me was his crew. There just seemed to be such a cohesion to his team in addition to the great work they did! This was our first large renovation project and it set the bar quite high. We are very thankful for Shlomi's suggestions based on his experience throughout the project helping us also with the design and guiding us to make decisions that we wouldn't regret later. Some of those suggestions ended up being our most favorite parts of the project!  And I think most importantly we have peace of mind knowing our basement is safe passing all inspections. I am so glad a friend suggested him to us for the project, and we appreciate the hard work, attention to detail, and the clear communication from Shlomi and his team! Our basement feels like a piece of our home that we got to put us into! We are excited to move in. This was definitely money WELL invested!
    Nina and Nicholas Gilmore
  • Starr and Erroyl Bing
    Bella Basements just wrapped up a complete finish of our basement in 5.5 weeks!  We signed a contract and work got started the very next day.  Shlomi, the owner, was SO organized and SO good at keeping communication open with us.  He let us know what and when to expect things to be delivered, installed, water or electrical turned off for a few hours, everything!  Each team that came in at different phases of the project was polite, cleaned up and locked up when they left and got their jobs done in an extremely timely fashion.  *Not to mention, we both work from home and have an infant at home during this entire process and we were not bothered.*  We are IN LOVE with the basement!  We can't say enough how great it was to work with Shlomi and see the finished product.  We are thrilled that the project took the exact amount of time that we were told to expect and that we can have friends and family come over to enjoy our new space before the holidays...like so many other contractors stated would be their timeline if we had gone with them.  We have zero regrets and big fat smiles on our faces! 🙂
    Starr and Erroyl Bing
  • James and Anna Parkinson
    We have had work done on our home in the past and was dreading having our new home in a mess while having our basement finished.  We have also heard horror stories from friends about how long it took to have work done on their homes.  We were extremely pleased with the fact that we did not have to worry about either of these concerns.  Bella Basements is the MOST professional and organized contracting company that we have EVER encountered!  The owner, Shlomi, prides himself on craftsmanship, attention to detail, cleanliness, and timeliness, which he delivered in ALL areas 1,000%!  He doesn't take on multiple jobs until near completion of the job already in progress, which gives you a more personal and attentive experience.  We never had to worry about if someone was going to show up as scheduled or if our home would be left in mess.  When workers left our home, they took the time to clean up after themselves every time!  At the start, Shlomi advised me and my wife that it would take anywhere from 5-6 weeks to transform our unfinished basement into a "luxury terrace level suite" and he delivered! He made sure he communicated with us  every step of the way to make sure he understood exactly what we wanted and the final outcome is that we LOVE IT!  We have since recommended Bella Basements to a number of friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.  Thank you Bella Basements for bringing more joy to an already joyous household.  Your excellent customer service, knowledge, and skills are what every customer prays for!
    James and Anna Parkinson
  • Debbie and John
    After contracting with Bella Basements 18 months ago to complete a basement remodel, we had ZERO reservations calling on them again for a major kitchen remodel!  Shlomi and his team are remarkable.  Details,  expectations, plans, and design were well communicated, delivered as described and professionally installed!  Most amazing is his work timeline, such accuracy. When a subcontractor was expected they were here, on time.  No time lapse and empty wasted days waiting for the next step to be done!  Every single worker said they have worked with Bella Basement for MANY years....demo, drywall, cabinets, hardwood floors, stairway, plumbing, electrical, and paint...we had it all!  We didn't have one glitch!  The final result was a BEAUTIFUL, updated kitchen!   We couldn't be more satisfied.  Thank you, Shlomi!
    Debbie and John
  • Milena Nelson
    I have known Shlomi and his work since 2017 when we wanted to finish the basement in our Buckhead home. My husband and I noticed right away the collaborative and knowledgeable nature of Shlomi and his crews. Our Buckhead project quickly expanded in scope as our trust in Shlomi grew. We ended up with a beautiful basement with many custom, organic and creative features. We loved the space and our new theater room! The incredible value that Shlomi brings to the table is that he is not only a fantastic builder and problem-solver, but also an excellent project manager. What do you know, five years later we worked with Shlomi again on a different basement project! Again, we were impressed with the phenomenal professionalism, problem-solving (in COVID time), and timely execution. Most of all, we again have a beautiful space to use with friends and family! Thank you Shlomi and Bella Basements!
    Milena Nelson
  • Dr. Filippo Chillemi
    Best in the business!!!Best in the business is no exaggeration! Bella Basements made finishing the basement a smooth and simple process! Shlomi, the owner, was present throughout, communicating with me on a daily basis. He was efficient, moved ahead of schedule, and most importantly, he was on budget and organized. There were no hidden costs or charges that suddenly came up. He stuck to the initial contracted cost for the whole project, which is rare for any construction project. The quality of the work is impeccable. So much so, that any future construction needs that I might have, I will again call Bella Basements. Any friends that need work done, I will recommend Bella Basements. Any family that needs work done, I will insist on them using Bella Basements. You will not go wrong using Shlomi at Bella Basements. He is a great guy and the pride he has in his work shows.
    Dr. Filippo Chillemi
  • Nicholas Questo
    The work speaks for itself! Working with Bella Basements has been an absolute pleasure! Shlomi and his crew completely transformed our 1600 sqft unfinished basement into the space of our dreams. Shlomi’s crew were prompt, polite, and extremely hard workers. Their craftmanship and quality of work was incredible from start to finish. Shlomi, as a GC, included us 100% of the way, educating and guiding us through the decision making process. He showed his dedication to the project by coming on site almost daily, and keeping a constant line of communication with us. He did everything in his power to ensure we were happy and satisfied with each step of the process. The level of care and detail he puts into his work is like that of an artist. Our basement came out better than we could have imagined. Not only that, the timeline of the project was lightning fast. Shlomi estimated the completion date almost down to the DAY. Sure enough, they finished and provided our letter of completion in exactly the 6 weeks we were quoted. The project was extremely efficient. The people I tell can hardly believe it. Thank you Shlomi and Bella Basements for the OUTSTANDING work and the beautiful basement you created. You can trust that Shlomi and Bella Basements will deliver a QUALITY product on a truly amazing timeline. The Questos
    Nicholas Questo
  • Brian Carroll
    No job is too challenging for Bella Basements. When my wife and I were searching for companies to finish our basement we were lucky if we got a call back – and if we did, the answer was ‘sorry, we have no bandwidth’. Blame it on COVID, but we went months with no luck, we had almost given up. My dad had found Bella Basements and passed me the information, so I read some stellar reviews and decided to reach out. when I got a call back the next day I was expecting to hear more of the same. Instead, I was greeted with a thoughtful conversation from Shlomi, who I could tell immediately took his profession seriously and put his clients first. To say that we are lucky to have found Shlomi and his amazing crew is an understatement. We had an extremely challenging job ahead of us given prior work done by the last homeowner and a 20-year-old house that was not to code in various areas. Shlomi was very direct in sharing his concerns, he was transparent with the unknowns, but promised that he would deliver a finished basement that we would love for years to come – and he and his crew delivered above and beyond! Looking back on this experience, I’d like to share the reasons why hiring Bella Basements is the best decision you’ll make if you’re in the market for these services: Shlomi is just a great dude — he’s genuine, he cares about you and your family sincerely – he’s the epitome of client first His crew is the best – Miguel is the hardest worker you’ll find and is an expert in his craft; There is no HVAC challenge too big; The plumbing crew is flawless; The electricians go above and beyond no matter what the code changes may be; The drywall and painting crew are relentless in making the space look great; His cabinet and flooring people deliver above expectations You’ll make smart financial decisions – Shlomi always lets you have final say as it’s your house, but he provides practical, value add suggestions and always has your ROI top of mind You’ll get the job done on time and on budget – be prepared to move quickly once you sign, but this is a good thing – with so many contractors taking multiple jobs and taking months to complete simple jobs, the fact Shlomi is strategic in his work is a blessing You’ll love the final product – your visions will be reality, and then some. Shlomi always adds something unique and special to his jobs and treats each home as if it was his own We are planning quite a few more renovations to our home over the coming years and now we have a trusted partner in Bella Basements we know we can turn to. If you’re searching for a great company to add value to your home, stop looking and hire Bella Basements!
    Brian Carroll
  • Earl W. Engleman
    Outdoor living at its best! This was our second major project with Shlomi and as usual he delivers a well supervised and very professional project. Shlomi will absolutely amaze you during any project on his professionalism, oversight to details and follow though to completion. See the video to see how Shlomi transitioned out backyard into a showplace with a outdoor pavilion, fireplace, grilling area, waterfall and stream. The stonework was all hand hewn on the site and fitted together to create this outdoor paradise. Thank you Shlomi as usual for your outstanding professionalism and dedication to our second project with you. Earl W. Engleman C.P.M. Executive Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Management
    Earl W. Engleman
  • Jeff and Shwetha Silver
    We recently had our basement completed by Bella Basements. We had gone through the process of looking at various contractors as part of the overall process of making a selection. We came to find out about Bella from a family member who had many neighbors that had recently hired Shlomi to work on their basements. From the first conversation there was an instant connection with Shlomi. Yes, he is very personable, but it was his approach to wanting to understand what we were looking to do, explaining his process (from start to finish) and establishing a connection between us and each step of his process that really made us feel at ease. Starting from the pre-construction meeting and through each completion phase there was never a deviation from this approach. We also came to understand that while he wanted to protect the idea of the basement being “ours,” he had a great insights and recommendations which helped organize our ideas and even re-direct us when important. His team of workers showed up daily, on time and worked tirelessly. Shlomi would come by often/daily as well to make sure everything was moving along as it should. He also called us daily to go over where everything stood, to inform us of any needs (decisions or selections) and just check in to see if we were happy with how things were going. Here is a warning for everyone out there……if you text him with questions, he will call you back immediately…..any time day or night…..so keep that in mind. The meaning behind this comment is that his dedication to his clients and his business goes above and beyond the norm. Now all of these compliments on his communications go to waste if the product doesn’t come out right…..but it should already be clear that someone as dedicated to his customers/business would provide nothing short of a spectacular finished product. That was exactly the end result. The basement has received compliments from neighbors, friends and family members. So as I sit here now typing this testimonial in my new basement, I do it with gratitude to Shlomi. He is the definition of a Mensch.
    Jeff and Shwetha Silver
  • Leisel Martin-Brown
    From start to finish Shlomi and his team were the very definition of professionalism and excellence. The entire process was smooth and reflected how well run and organized Shlomi runs his business. He was attentive, responsive to any questions we had and always available to us. The craftsmanship and quality of work was impeccable and we ended up with a space that far exceeded our imagination while providing us with the functionality, style and comfort we wanted. His various crews were professional, respectful and handled our basement with care. We would definitely hire Shlomi again for future projects and highly recommend him to anyone looking to have any work done in their home. Thank you, Shlomi and Bella Basements! Leisel Martin-Brown & Jeremy Brown Marietta, GA
    Leisel Martin-Brown
  • Sharon Wolf
    We have done extensive renovations in several homes and never enjoyed such an easy and professional project like we did this past year with Shlomi and Bella Basements. He completely transformed our unfinished basement with a bed room, home gym, beautiful bathroom and gorgeous theater. His professionalism is second to none- he was not only on time and budget, but actually completed the full scope of work ahead of schedule to accommodate my parents visit. Shlomi takes great care and pride in his work. He is extremely detail oriented, punctual and a perfectionist. He is also extremely communicative and went out of his way to anticipate any issues that could impede progress and scheduled his team down to the minute. His crew is wonderful and equally concerned with a commitment to the client both from a service and quality standpoint. Shlomi was truly a joy to work with and a rare gem in the midst of a field, where a small project can turn into a costly and stressful disaster- instead with Bella Basements it is completely predictable and enjoyable to complete an entire basement!
    Sharon Wolf
  • Amanda Jarrell
    Our journey began with a phone call to Bella Basements to discuss the process and cost to create a space our family and friends could gather and enjoy. Shlomi, the owner, answered my call and spent over 20 minutes walking me through his company, his process, and his timeline. After we got off the phone, I turned to my husband and told him there was no need to call the other companies on our list…I wanted to work with Shlomi and Bella Basements! Our basement was un-finished (about 1,500 sqft) and we wanted to create a bedroom, kitchenette, game room, large gathering area, full bathroom and storage. Shlomi walked through the basement with us and listened to all of our ideas, did some measuring, and provided his expertise. He came back to review his proposal with every detail spelled out and again answered all of our questions. Shlomi understood this was an investment for our family and we became partners right away. The entire process took less than 6 weeks (on time and in budget). All of his crew were professional, respectful and so efficient. Shlomi was at our house every single day to check on his team and make sure we were happy with the progress. He went with us to pick out our cabinets, counter top, bathroom flooring and tile. He guided us through the entire process and taught us so much. The basement turned out better than I had imaged and we gained a new friend in the process! We have already recommended Bella Basements to several of our neighbors and would be happy to speak to anyone considering using Bella Basements. We are thankful for Shlomi and Bella Basements for helping us create our dream basement!
    Amanda Jarrell
  • Jeremy Ciulla
    We had an outstanding experience with Bella Basements! Shlomi was professional, detail oriented and far exceeded our expectations! My wife and I have worked with several contractors in the past but we have never worked with somebody with the care and work ethic of Bella Basements. Our project was completed ahead of schedule. We were updated daily on the status of our project and always knew what to expect. We never thought our 26 year old basement could turn into the nicest area of our house but Bella Basement delivered! The bar for home renovations has been set unrealistically high thanks to the care, determination, and work ethic of Bella Basements.
    Jeremy Ciulla
  • Bill garrett
    Lesley and I chose Sholmi – Bella Basements after we reviewed his proposal that was professional and detailed so that we knew what to expect. We were so happy that it turned out just like he said it would. Shlomi’s experience and his crew enabled our project to be completed on time and done the correct way the first time. It was nice that he was at the house just about every day. He knowledge and work ethic and desire to make the customer happy were key to the success. Our finished project exceeded our expectations. Shlomi we have really enjoyed It all especially the media room and bar. Thank you and your crew for giving us such a wonderful finished basement.
    Bill garrett
  • Caitlin Smith
    It’s hard to express how thankful we are that we chose Bella Basements. From the first meeting with Schlomi we knew we made the right choice. His professionalism and passion for his craft are unmatched in the world of contractors. With his years of amazing expertise and his wonderful crew he took our vision and transform our unfinished basement into the basement of our dreams. His guidance throughout the process helped create the most functional space for our family, and his excellent taste and attention to detail created a basement that surpassed our expectations. We loved every moment working with Schlomi and are truly grateful that we put our trust in him and Bella Basements.
    Caitlin Smith
  • KC Baack
    We recently contracted with Shlomi and Bella Basements to finish our basement and couldn’t be happier with the results. The project entailed a little over 2,000 square feet and included an office with a built-in desk and cabinets, a workout room, a bedroom, a family room, a large bar area and two fireplaces. Shlomi started working on the project at the end of the first week of December and finished everything by the middle of February. We originally purchased our house about 15 years ago when it was about 20% complete and then went through the construction process with the original builder to complete the house and have had several different contractors for various other projects. Working with Shlomi was completely different than any other contractors we’ve used. Shlomi is the consummate professional. With the exception a pre-planned vacation he took for a little over a week at New Years that he told us about before he took on the project there was never a day someone wasn’t working on our project and Shlomi was there every day managing the project. Shlomi made sure we knew what was happening and who would be there every single day. I had a hard time keeping up with everything, but Shlomi stayed on top of the project and kept everything meticulously on track. Every home construction/remodeling project creates some chaos and mess, Shlomi made sure the mess was kept to an absolute minimum. Every one of his subcontractors was professional, neat and reliable. We never felt the least bit concerned about any of the subcontractors utilized be Bella Basements. The project was kept as clean as a construction project possibly could; it was 180 degrees different from the experience we had when we originally built our house. I had a good general idea of what I wanted in our basement when I originally sat down with Shlomi and walked through our project, but had a few open ends for finish work and was still working out a few designs in my head as we went on. Shlomi was excellent in accommodating my changes and pointing me in the right direction on design and finishes. He’s able to offer good, professional advice on finishes. I didn’t always take his advice, but every suggestion he provided made good sense. I was adamant about wanting polished concrete flooring and Shlomi suggested that we would be better off from a re-sale perspective to use LVT instead. He also pointed out (correctly) that the concrete job from the original builder was one of the worst he had ever seen and polishing this floor might not produce the best finish. I listened to his suggestions, but still decided I wanted polished concrete. The process added a full week to the schedule, but Shlomi got it done and the floors turned out great. My wife would probably still rather have LVT, but even she is coming around. The most prominent features of our basement are the two full fireplace walls. They turned out absolutely gorgeous. Both are full walls with fantastic tile work. The largest of them is a 16’x9’ wall with a 76” linear fireplace that has an 86” TV recess mounted above the fireplace. Shlomi had to work extensively with the fireplace installer on the day of the installation to work out a pretty complicated design scenario and then accommodate a couple after the fact changes in that I made in the design. The end result couldn’t have turned out any better. The attention to detail by Shlomi and his tile installer was remarkable. Both fireplaces are stunning. In summary, we extend Shlomi and Bella Basements our top recommendation. We are thoroughly pleased with both the process and the end result. We will be providing finished pictures as soon as we complete our furnishings, unfortunately that project isn’t moving as quickly as construction. Please feel free to call us with any questions or if you’d like to arrange to look at our results.
    KC Baack
  • Tracy and Ken Doucet
    We have done 3 major projects with Shlomi. In our previous home, Shlomi completed our basement and did a lovely job laying out the design with us to meet our needs and our budget. He has a knack for how to utilize spaces and how to design the basement to fit with the rest of the home but work for your needs. When we moved to our new house, it needed a lot of renovations and we knew Shlomi was the one to call. He replaced our kitchen and baths and refinished our floors. He also added faux beams and upgraded our fireplace with beautiful stone work. Shlomi would meet me at the tile store or cabinet store and we would patiently look at options and how everything worked together. Most recently, Shlomi finished the basement in this home and it is just perfect for our needs. In all 3 projects, Shlomi has been ahead of schedule, very professional, trustworthy, meticulous and on budget. He treats the project like it was his own house. After 3 major projects together, he has become an extended part of our family. I would highly recommend Shlomi/Bella Basements!
    Tracy and Ken Doucet
  • Arthur Raines, M.D.
    In a previous home I had gone through a long and tedious, though ultimately very rewarding basement home theater build project. Having recently purchased a new home, I discovered the “custom basement bug” was still in me. After interviewing several Greater Atlanta basement renovation contractors, I decided to go with Shlomi Okin and Bella Basements. BEST DECISION! From innovative design recommendations, to implementation, through completion and cleanup – Shlomi and his team of sub-contractors were outstanding in every respect. First-class workmanship. They always were prompt, timely, and extremely dependable. Every aspect of the build was communicated with me ahead of time. The final product turned out spectacular! We are extremely happy with our new basement media room (featuring a large drop-down projector screen hidden in a new trey ceiling), walk up wet bar, and “man cave”/game room buffet storage cabinet). Bella Basements has my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!
    Arthur Raines, M.D.
  • Victor Wade
    My wife and I had our basement remodeled by Bella Basements. Every aspect of the entire job was done with great detail and thought. My wife and I had great expectations of what we wanted our basement to look like, and Shlomi and Bella Basements managed to exceed our expectations. The job was completed on time and on budget. Shlomi is very task oriented and the details he provided were excellent! We are very satisfied customers. Our basement remodel is AMAZING!!! Kudos to Bella Basements!!!! Thank you, Victor D. Wade and Demetris E. Wade
    Victor Wade
  • liz marchionni
    It’s been several months since our basement was renovated by Bella Basements. Our finished basement is absolutely gorgeous and better than we could ever have dreamed! We love spending time in our new basement. We really needed a renovation of our old basement to create a nice finished living, office and bedroom with ensuite bathroom spaces. From start to finish, Shlomi, the owner of Bella Basements, treated us with the utmost professionalism. I had gotten several estimates from recommended contractors, but none provided the detail, quality, timeliness, attention and affordability provided by Bella Basements. Shlomi met with us initially for a walkthrough of the space to understand our wants and needs and our budget He made great suggestions and guided us appropriately for the best outcome. He provided a timely and detailed estimate within our budget. Throughout the entire process, Shlomi was in contact with us daily to explain what his crew would be doing each day . Shlomi met me every day to inspect what had been done the previous day and explain it all, as well as answer any questions I had, honestly and intelligently. His crew was clean, respectful and professional in every way. Shlomi is a perfectionist and the quality and beauty of Bella Basement’s work reflects this. I would recommend Bella Basements to anyone looking for a professional, kind, respectful, diligent contractor that provides beautiful yet affordable work. Thank you Shlomi!!!!
    liz marchionni
  • James Hyder
    In December 2018, Shlomi and Bella Basements finished our basement, almost 800 square feet, completing the job on time and on budget. We are extremely pleased not only with the finished product, but with how Shlomi handled the whole project from beginning to end. He provided us a complete and detailed estimate, and reworked it at our request to meet our budget. He explained how everything would work and gave us a schedule before the work began. He was there every day to make sure his crews were on site, clear about what they were supposed to do, and had everything they needed. When an inspector unexpectedly (and incorrectly, in our opinion) failed us on a minor issue, he had the problem fixed right away and quickly rescheduled his crews so that the delay for the re-inspection didn’t set back the rest of the job. He was present and hands-on at every step of the way, and his crews were all very efficient workers, arriving on time and doing excellent work. At practically the last minute, he discovered a mistake that one of the crews had made, but they came out to fix it within hours, and Shlomi arranged for the necessary follow-up repairs to drywall and painting to be done along with the final touch-up painting the next day. There was no delay to the final hand-off. This was the first time I’ve ever had any major construction work done in one of my homes, but I’ve heard the horror stories of long delays, contractors who disappear and won’t return calls, shoddy work, cost over-runs, etc. Shlomi was the exact opposite of this in every respect. My wife and I are couldn’t be happier with our new basement and can’t recommend Shlomi and Bella Basements highly enough! –James Hyder and Leslie Smith Rosen
    James Hyder
  • Chris Albrecht
    My wife Lindsay and I have known Shlomi and his company Bella Basements for some five plus years. Working with them was a family experience for us. Not only did I feel comfortable leaving my wife at home with whoever was at the house, our kids Jackson and Madison have in essence grown up knowing them. There was never a day Shlomi showed up he didn’t take the time and let the kids sit on his lap while he met with us to talk about the project. His hands on approach from project inception to completion really makes the entire experience seamless and easy. We previously lived in Alpharetta and had our entire house remodeled inside and out, top to bottom. We started in one room, one floor at a time, and worked through the entire house. Whether simply remodeling or adding on, his vision for the project but also listening to us as the homeowner hearing what we wanted, the end result was always a combination of the best of both worlds. From planning to execution, he made sure it had his stamp of approval. When we sold that house we realized a nearly 60% increase in our home value at the time it was sold. When we moved to Johns Creek we weren’t in a hurry to get started on any home improvement projects, however there were some things prior to moving in that needed some attention. Shlomi and his crews went through the entire house, addressing any and all needs, whether mechanical, plumbing, electrical, etc they ensured that the day we moved in it was home. Over the years we had a rental house, which as is the case with any rental home you have things that need fixing. I could call Shlomi at any time and ask him to help me with something and the guys would show up and fix things. I never had to ask if things were done as they made it easy for my tenant and she was always happy. It’s not often you can say about working with a contractor that you not only tell your friends about but you also look forward to starting the next project on your home. We’ll be using him for years to come and would gladly serve as a reference for anyone looking to speak with about hiring Shlomi and Bella Basements
    Chris Albrecht
  • Natalie Price
    I received a reference to Shlomi’s company Bella Basements from a neighbor and I hired him to finish my unfinished basement. Prior to the project starting Shlomi told me several things that influenced my selection of his company: He only completes two jobs at a time to ensure adequate attention to my job He was onsite every day or almost every day to oversee the work He would schedule and meet with the inspectors to ensure the inspections were completed in a timely manner All phases of the project were scheduled well in advance to ensure no down time once a phase was complete A detailed budget and insurance documentations were provided and Shlomi was willing to meet with me to discuss all questions He provided a detailed plan of the basement and made some great suggestions on the design that I never would have thought of Everything Shlomi said he would do he did. He was onsite almost every day. He kept me fully up to speed on what was accomplished each day, what was scheduled next and he called me back right away if I reached out with questions. The project ended on budget and was completed in 6 or 7 weeks, which was the original time estimated. My neighbor started their basement at the same time with a different contractor and it took them about 6 months to complete! I would highly recommend Shlomi and Bella Basements. I plan to hire him for future projects at my home.
    Natalie Price
  • Jordy Broder
    Shlomi I wanted to thank you for making our basement renovation a seamless and enjoyable one. From start to finish you followed through on all your time lines you provided us, and without your guidance we would have never had the dream basement we have now. The level of detail you provide and the way you and your workers work is the most professional I have ever seen. The way you went out of your way to walk through stores to help us pick out the correct flooring and granite to ensuring we stayed within our budget. All I can say is thank you for making what seemed to us as a giant undertaking into an enjoyable process. I would recommend Shlomi and Bella Basement to anyone looking to any type of home renovation. The Broder’s
    Jordy Broder
  • Fabiana Castella
    We have done many renovations – from small to big in various houses we lived throughput the years. And I can say with certainty that Bella Basements is the best company I have ever hired to do a renovation. Shilomi is a professional like no other in his field: detail oriented, honest and the most important: on schedule. His crew finished every project right on schedule – not one day late. The job is done in a clean and organized way and Shilomi is easy to reach – so if problems arise, you can get in touch with him with ease and get it solved. I absolutely recommend Bella Basements and I will use them again for future projects. Thank you Bella Basements!! Our home looks beautiful! The Casellas
    Fabiana Castella
  • Jim Zimbardi
    We contracted with Bella Basements for a complete basement make over. My wife and I purchased an old Victorian Farmhouse that we were renovating. Shlomi’s presentation and proposal were first class, detailed and professional, every detail accounted for, every dollar wisely allocated. It was a complete tear down and re build. Shlomi’s attention to detail is un matched. The quality of construction, top shelf. All of his team, are professional, polite and go out of their way to satisfy you their customer.The renovation included a general living/recreation area, theater, gym, wine cellar and full bath. Project was completed on time and on budget, only overages were change orders requested and approved by me. More important, were the upgrades added by Bella at no cost. Added solid wood doors v hollow core when he discovered all other doors in the home were solid wood, at no cost, up graded door hardware at no additional cost. Wine cellar is still a show piece in our home, spectacular design, stonework and layout. Finally the basement was finished in advance of the pool. So we engaged Shlomi’s vision to insure entrance and exit provided a look and feel for what was to come. It’s remarkable now, truly outstanding vision for his work and surroundings. Clean up of a massive amount of debris was left spotless, and numerous times Shlomi came by himself to clean up odds and ends to insure no unsightly piles were left unnecessarily for extended periods beyond the norm. In Summary, outstanding design, workmanship, and final product. Every recommendation made was deployed and we are thrilled we did so. Everyone who visits our home comments on the basement and the blending of modern farm and traditional farm styles. Outstanding work by a true professional and his Company. We highly recommend Shlomi and Bella Basements.. Jim and Julie Zimbardi
    Jim Zimbardi
  • Earl W. Engleman
    Thank you for the fantastic job Bella Basements did on finishing our basement. Your professionalism from start to finish is outstanding. You are rare in the business world today from the beginning to the end you individually were thoroughly on top of the project! To plan, organize and execute efficiently to what you stated at the beginning of the project, was even more impressive with your communication during the process and early completion. All of the extra touches and finishes you did from designing the bar, theater room, coffered ceilings, bathroom, walls, flooring and extra finishes make it a showplace. The completed job is very impressive. I highly recommend what you did for us to any potential client looking for a company that does exactly what it says it will do. Earl W. Engleman C.P.M. Executive Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Management
    Earl W. Engleman

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