The Albrecht Project

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM… BELLA BASEMENTS HAS GOT YOU COVERED!We previously lived in Alpharetta and had our entire house remodeled inside and out, top to bottom. We started in one room, one floor at a time, and worked through the entire house. Whether simply remodeling or adding on, Shlomi’s vision for the project but also listening to us as the homeowner hearing what we wanted, the end result was always a combination of the best of both worlds. From planning to execution, he made sure it had his stamp of approval. When we sold that house we realized a nearly 60% increase in our home value at the time it was sold.

How Important is it to you to feel comfortable with a contractor working in your home?

It is very important to us! My wife Lindsay and I have known Shlomi and his company Bella Basements for some five plus years. Working with them was a family experience for us. Not only did I feel comfortable leaving my wife at home with whoever was at the house, our kids Jackson and Madison have in essence grown up knowing them. There was never a day Shlomi showed up he didn’t take the time and let the kids sit on his lap while he met with us to talk about the project. His hands on approach from project inception to completion really makes the entire experience seamless and easy.

Is it easy finding a quality contractor that is willing to help with any size projects?

In a lot of cases it is hard. However, when we moved to Johns Creek we weren’t in a hurry to get started on any home improvement projects, however there were some things prior to moving in that needed some attention. Shlomi and his crews went through the entire house, addressing any and all needs, whether mechanical, plumbing, electrical, etc they ensured that the day we moved in it was home. In addition, we had a rental house over the years. As is the case with any rental home you have things that need fixing. I could call Shlomi at any time and ask him to help me with something and the guys would show up and fix things. I never had to ask if things were done as they made it easy for my tenant and she was always happy.

Bella Basements specializes in basements, fireplaces, bathrooms, bars, exterior structures and more, and will provide firm estimates before any work begins. Call today for a free estimate.

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